Recently opened, KOYN is a contemporary izakaya situated off Grosvenor Square, housed in what was formerly both the US Embassy and Canadian High Commission. Inspired by the nature-spirited roots and duality of Mount Fuji, KOYN brings a unique balance of modernity with tradition through a two-folded dining experience.

KOYN'S Philosophy

Its philosophy places value on subtlety and detail through an amalgamative lens where art, design and tradition meet culinary craftsmanship. Featuring modern Japanese cuisine that is authentic with a traditional influence, Executive Chef Rhys Cattermoul presents a menu inspired by Mount Fuji’s natural duality, with responsibly sourced produce and delicate umami flavours.

Two distinct yet streamlined spheres divide the restaurant into MIDORI and MAGMA, paying homage to the complementary forces at play in Japan’s most majestic volcano, where the alpine environment co-exists with the fires raging below.

Set on the ground floor, MIDORI embodies the landscape of Japanese zen gardens with a boutique sushi bar as the centrepiece of the dining room. On the lower ground floor dining room is MAGMA, an immersive subterranean space mirroring the dark volcanic insides of Mount Fuji, featuring a binchotan robata grill and an intimate yet flexible private dining space.
KOYN'S Philosophy

A Journey

As guests journey from MIDORI to MAGMA, the KOYN Bar, inspired by the terraces of traditional Japanese homes, awaits with a bespoke collection of Japanese whiskies, hand-picked sakes and whimsical cocktails.

Discover the complementary forces at play in Japan’s most majestic volcano.
A Journey
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